Welcome to the Near North End (NNE), a diverse and thriving urban neighborhood. NNE was the first annexation to Colorado Springs with the highest density of properties and districts in the National Register of Historic Places.

Our neighborhood is identifiable, eclectic, accessible to the downtown with a small town ambiance, charming historic structures, homes, restaurants and amenities.

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Near North End Permit Parking

Colorado Springs Near North End Neighborhood Parking Study
Colorado Springs Residential Parking Programs

  1. Timed Managed – you can choose how long a car can park and when the regulation applies (8-6, 24 hours, M-F, all week etc.  The benefit of this option is it’s inconvenient for people to park long term i.e. CC students & staff, arena event attendees by forcing them to move their cars or get ticketed.  This is the easiest to implement and can be in front of just one house rather than entire street.
    Time Managed option has been removed since it can no longer be enforced.
  2. Permit Only – a permit holder can only park in front of their property.  Benefit is there should always be parking available. Downside is you may have more visitors than permits. In this case you can call in advance for temporary permits.  First permits are free, if they have to be replaced its $150 each.  Number of permits per dwelling TBD.  Landlord owns permits for tenant use.
  3. Combination Timed Except by Permit.  You can do #1 and #2 above with a permit option for residences or business staff.  Benefit is you and your staff don’t have to move your cars. 
  4. Metered parking.
  5. No parking at all – the homes on the first block of Cascade north of Uintah chose this option because the cars and the bike lanes block their views when exiting their driveways making it dangerous. They all have enough off street parking.  We believe this can be done at individual residences.
  6. Add diagonal parking if the street doesn’t have a bike lane and is wide enough.  Benefit is it will increase parking inventory if it’s needed. Downside is more parking will be available which will increase traffic and people looking to use the extra parking unless it is restricted by any of the options above.
  7. Do nothing – you’ll still have the option to request any of the scenarios above at anytime.  However, keep in mind the CC arena is identifying parking from Cascade to Nevada and Cache La Poudre to St Vrain as available on street parking for arena events in their parking plan. Also, as neighborhoods choose parking restrictions, it will move cars to neighborhoods that previously might not have had a problem.

To make this work, everyone needs to give input to the city traffic engineering department.  They are working to help us address our current and future parking woes whether it be residences with no off street parking, multi family homes fighting with neighbors for parking, businesses fighting with residents for parking, students from Palmer HS, Pikes Peak Prep or CC parking in the neighborhood, churches needing more parking for their congregants, event venues that bring in lots of cars etc.

Feel free to contact the city traffic dept 719-385-7608 stacey.salvatore@coloradosprings.gov with questions and concerns.