Welcome to the Near North End (NNE), a diverse and thriving urban neighborhood. The NNE was the first annexation to Colorado Springs with a significant presence on the National Register of Historic Places including the Weber/Wahsatch District, Boulder Crescent District, Monument Valley Park, and eight buildings. We strive for a mutual community among residences, businesses, landlords, and students. We have amenities of all kinds within walking distance (fine arts, food, boutiques, sports)

We Care About:
Identifying, preserving and celebrating historic homes, businesses and other features.
Preserving and improving streetscape, particularly the historic medians, parkways, and canopy trees.
Improving safety and protecting living conditions.

Neighborhood News

NNE Earth Day 🌎 tree planting on Willamette was a huge success!!!

Location: E Willamette median in front of Community Prep.

We successfully planted 13 trees in the Willamette median! We had a great turnout from City Forestry, Colorado College, the Near North End Neighborhood, and Community Prep. KRDO, FOX, and a CC Photographer were also in attendance. Here is KRDO’s news coverage of the event: https://krdo.com/news/2022/04/22/trees-planted-near-colorado-college-to-commemorate-earth-day/

We would like to thank Colorado College for their generous tree donation and for helping plant the trees. City Forestry for choosing the trees, designing the layout, bringing supplies, and helping plant the trees. The Near North End Neighborhood for helping plant the trees, donating a tree, and bringing snacks. Community Prep School for helping plant the trees and supplying water. CONO for their street closure signs.

Introducing the stars of the show. The trees!!!

Willamette east median section next to Wahsatch
Willamette center median section
Willamette west median section next to Weber
Special Thank You! to the planting crew!