C4C/CC Robson Arena

Colorado College is proposing to build a 3,000+ seat ice hockey arena and events center on the block between Tejon and Nevada, Cache La Poudre and Dale. The arena was originally proposed in the college’s 2008 Long Range Development Plan as an 800-seat practice arena with an adjacent parking structure on the premises. The arena is now proposed to be more than 4x larger, seating approx. 3,620 with no supporting parking structure on the premises and an adjacent Natatorium (possible seating ranging from 500-2,000). 

We need your help!

The arena size, number of CC and City for Champion (C4C )events, and related infrastructure demands, including parking, are detrimental to the surrounding neighborhoods (Near North End, Mid Shooks Run, and the Old North End). In order to protect the interests of our neighborhood and directly represent the neighbors, businesses, and citizens that are directly impacted by CC’s proposed arena, we are retaining a law firm that specializes in land use and zoning law.

Donations are needed to help support this important work. Your contribution to our Neighbors for Responsible Growth fundraiser will support our efforts to ensure that future growth in our community is responsible growth that meets the needs of all parties.